Our advantages

We are on your side

We do not ask for money for additional SIP accounts.
We accept payments in BTC automatically.
We do not set minimum payments.
Technical support is always a priority, and
it is always free.
We listen to each client and complement the functionality.

The child will cope

We make relationships easier.
We don't need connection requests.
We do not conduct lengthy inquiries about traffic.
We are not engaged in bureaucratic red tape.
You get everything you need in one click.


We will add the functionality you need. Including
automatic phone calls and robot assistance directly in the dialogue
with the client.


Our specialists are awake day and night, so that you are always in touch. Change of caller ID, communication quality test, help in an incomprehensible situation? At any time!

  • 45 lines
  • Direction RU MOB (+79)
  • CID Random Moscow Time (7495, 7499)
  • Auto-call

For reseller

We offer a reasonable price for IP telephony resellers. Earn with us by working for yourself.
Write to us to clarify the

If there is no Telegram

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need telephony, for work or for personal purposes, you just need to launch our bot by clicking on the "Quick Connect" button. Next, you will be able to get data in order to connect your softphone to our network (SIP server address, SIP login and password).

In automatic mode, we accept only Bitcoin. In the telegram bot, you need to click the "Top up the balance" button and the bot will give you the BTC address. Your account balance will be replenished with an amount equal to the transfer. There is no minimum payment amount set. Upon request, you can solve the issue of replenishment in another way.

Yes. The transfer of VoIP traffic from your personal PBX is possible. We have two options for connecting via SIP. This is a connection with authorization (SIP login and password) and without it (IP-IP junction).

It's not a problem! Upon request, our specialists will install and configure a virtual PBX on your server, which supports a large number of users, conversation recordings and detailed statistics. If necessary, all traffic will be under your control.

Calm down. You just made a mistake in the settings. Write to any support contact and we will help. We will configure your software using TeamViewer, AnyDesk, or send you step-by-step instructions in pictures.

Yes! We have excellent communication quality due to the fact that we use only premium channels for voice traffic transmission. You should make sure of this by returning to the first question or by clicking here ;)


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